rise up from the ash (growing_wise) wrote in zonalesbians,
rise up from the ash

Advice, please?

My partner and I are currently living in Kansas City, Missouri.  I grew up here, my partner grew up in Florida.  We're looking to move somewhere west of here, but aren't really sure where to go.  We'd like to live in a place that is more progressive than the Midwest, politically and socially.  We are an interracial couple and we'd like to live somewhere that we can feel supported and accepted.  My partner is also transitioning (ftm) and so we'd like to live in a place that is supportive and accepting of transgender issues.  We don't make a lot of money (I'm in higher ed and my partner is a writer), so we need to live in a city where the cost of living isn't incredibly high.  We were originally planning to move to Oregon (Portland or Eugene) but the cost of living is so high there, it just isn't feasible.

Right now we're looking at Tucson or the Phoenix area.  I would be really grateful if you could give me some insider's information on the two areas, and which one you think might be a better fit for us.  The Phoenix area looks better to me in terms of job opportunities (they have a lot of colleges/universities) but Tucson seems to be a better fit for us otherwise.

Any suggestions or advice you can give would be really helpful.  Thanks!
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