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I just wanted to introduce myself...

Name: Leah
Age: 27
Location: Phoenix area
How out are you: Partially-- out to my parents, sis, some realitives, and to my girlfriend (of course!)
What is your relatioship status: Hopelessly in love with my girlfriend of just over one blissful year :P
What do you value most in a friend: compassion, intellect, a down-to-earth personality, and the ability to have fun and not take oneself too seriously

I just wanted to say hi.  I pretty much feel like my girlfriend and I are the only lesbians in all of Arizona and it's pretty damn lonely.  We'd love to make some friends. We're both really friendly, but a bit shy.  We don't really do the bar scene because it intimidates us both a bit, although we're not necessarily opposed to it.  

Although we're in our late twenties, we're realitively new to this all-- both of us only came to grips with our true sexuality about a year and a half ago and we've lived together in realitively social isolation since then.  Sounds fun, eh?  

 Aside from the bar scene, any suggestions on where other like-minded ladies might be found in the Phoenix area?   I know we're not the only ones out there.... I hope!

Thanks, ladies!
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