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send a little smile my way

this community needs a little pick-me-up.
what's going on?
what are your summer plans?
do you feel like people accept you in your area?

okay, it's cheesy. it's a start, right?

i don't have any plans other than work. we'll be training for the entire time.
but i would really love to see tegan and sara in october. i'm a little sad they're not coming to Arizona..but they have four dates in los angeles...what?

i really don't feel comfortable where i live. the constant stares. i'm pretty sure it's the way i dress/look. of course i could always just be really paranoid.

a friend of mine was telling me a story about a local bar (which i had heard was queer friendly).. two guys were showing affection and the owner spoke up and told them to stop or leave.
"people don't want to see that here"
i know, i's a tired story. they all's still upsetting.

do you think we'll see same-sex marriage accepted in every state within our lifetime?
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