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Hello. Newbe

Name: Danni

Age: 20
Location in Arizona: Mesa soon to be Chandler.
How out are you: I am out out OUT.
What is your relationship status: I an recently single after a year and a half. Trying to meet some new people.
What do you value most in a friend: Honesty. From any person really. If you can be honest with me, then I have respect for you no doubt.

I am trying to meet some new people. My life is going through a big change right now and I am trying to make this transition as smooth as I possibly can.

I live alone for the next two months, then move in with an old friend of mine and her new puppy love girlfriend.
I work full time and am doing my hardest to get into school. Money is always an issue in my life.

I love body art, I have 7 tattoo's and 12 piercings.
I'm pretty average, very out spoken, and very very  passionate with love and life.

So, there is that. Feel free to add me... =)
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