honestlynina (bast07) wrote in zonalesbians,

what to do?

Hello everyone, I see its gotten quiet in here, and thought I would post a little bit of things going on if you need something to do!

I run the Phoenix Kings Club, a locally performing drag king group. We have shows twice monthly, and our kings perform independently at local venues.

2nd Sunday of every month
6-8pm (early so you can still get to work on monday)
hosted by Miss Dottie
$1 draft beers


Club Vibe
4th Sunday of every month
8-10 pm (a little later but still pretty early!)
hosted by Kiki Vermont
$3 cover
$2 domestic draft pitchers and $2 coronas

We also have spots open for drag kings who want to perform with us. Even if you've never performed before and would like to give it a try, just let me know!

Lastly, I am one of the promoters for the Mister Arizona US of A MI pageant, a Drag King pageant. We are looking for competitors, judges, liasons, crew, and sponsors. This is the very first Drag King pageant from a pageant system in arizona, and we want it to be great. If you're interested in being involved please let me know.

You can check out either myspaces at:
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